What is E-Learning?

E-learning, also called online learning or interactive learning, is the acquisition and study of knowledge that takes place through technologies and electronic media. In simple language, e-learning is defined as an active electronic learning. In general, e-learning takes place via the Internet, where users can access their online learning materials at any time and place. It appears in the form of online courses, online schools or online programmes.

What is the history behind it?

Throughout history, the distance learning process has seen significant changes both in its definition and in its development. The first teaching methods dates back to 1837 (1837! Sounds absurd, doesn’t it?) in Great Britain, when a gentleman named Isaac Pitman started the first “stenographic correspondence course”. Pitman would mail text on postcards to students, and students would mail their assignments back to him. The evolution continued and was stimulated also thanks to postal correspondence. The main objective of this new method exactly reflects the need to cut down the cultural differences between the various social classes and all those who were at a disadvantage compared to other families with better possibilities at that time. The very first courses were used for language teaching, later the technical-commercial courses were invented. With the arrival of television in the 60s, e-learning didactics found their turning point: imagine, that in 1960 in Italy a programme entirely dedicated to illiterates was broadcast! From this moment on, a more concrete idea of teaching was realized, even though it was still difficult for the interlocutor to solve what were the doubts about more or less difficult subjects. There was a course, but it was not possible to interact with the teacher. With the arrival of computers in the homes of most families (we are at the turn of the 80s and 90s) the third evolution of the distance learning system began. Although at the beginning thanks to VHS, Floppy Disk, CDs and small software there was a considerable change in the learning activity. It is was only shortly after the arrival of internet and audio recordings that could be used in exchanges between tutor and pupil that we begin to talk about E-learning. So, with web 2.0 we pass from a course in which material and teaching started from a point to the interlocutor with no possibility (or difficulty) of response, now everything has been facilitated by the enormous power of the internet and a better possibility of communication that allows not only the tutor to teach through a web platform, but also allows students to continue their studies as they need not only skills and notions, but also verification and feedback. Thousands of companies currently rely on online courses for various reasons. E-learning may be executed during working hours, as well as given as an additional task. Some companies have either to many employees and departments to separate them into training groups with one couch, or just don`t have the time and resources to do so.

The advantages of e-learning training.

Thanks to online learning courses, it is much easier to train your employees on a specific topic without wasting working-hours and spending much money on coaches. The advantages of an online course are many among which we identify:
  • Ease of content sharing for those who are at a great distance;
  • The possibility to learn at their own pace of understanding;
  • The possibility of learning according to one’s own time availability for those who work during the day and cannot attend courses during working hours, thanks to the recordings, can afford to follow and study during their free time;
  • The provision of materials that can be consulted online with all updates from the company and the employees to be familiar with the new skills or knowledge to aquire;
  • Lower costs compared to participation in traditional training;
  • Ease of updating content;
Possibility to check the learned content via interactive exercises.

How Digital Latam can help you succeed in your courses ?

Digital Latam is an internationally working group that caters to all those companies that need to create tailor-made training courses for company employees. The transparency and simplicity of our e-learning courses allows all users to receive a homogeneous, dynamic and interactive teaching method worldwide. With a wide range of skills in the field of e-learning courses, augmented reality and 2D and 3D animations, we make sure that our courses are not only well-argued in terms of content, but also provide excellent ways of interaction between course and employee. Our team provides and creates interactive courses suitable for everyone, thanks to the presence of a staff coming from different nationalities and universities, which allows creating harmony within our companyand an active comparison on learning possibilities from many points of view. What are you waiting for? Contact us! You will receive all the information you need to activate courses suitable for your company!

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