What is adaptive learning?

What is adaptive learning?

Who is adaptive learning for?

Adaptive learning is an innovative technique for providing personalized and effective education, by which computer technology is used. Adaptive learning systems use a data-driven approach to adjust the path and pace of learning, enabling personalized learning at scale. This innovative learning method can be targeted at both school-age students and employees who want to keep up-to-date in their companies.


What are the advantages of adaptive learning?

Adaptive learning has advantages for both the student and the teacher.

First of all, the advantages for the learner are:

  1. Motivation.This type of training or learning is designed to be adapted to the level and way of learning of the learner, therefore, they do not feel pressured and face challenges with desire and motivation as they fee comfortable.
  2. Adaptation to needs. The user gets a particular and focused attention on him. This is achieved thanks to content and activities adapted individually to his/her abilities and capacities. The aim is to facilitate the assimilation of the concepts.
  3. Fast process. As the learner is the center of learning, the system should offer strategies to solve the exercises and challenges and could also include information on their progress, strengths, etc. The learner gets points or results of their learning jurney and so can evaluate how much they have learned. This kind of information is also very useful for the supervisor.
  4. Improvement of digital competence. With adaptive learning, the learner works independently in the digital environment, therefore, they not only develop in what they are learning, but they are also getting used to IT. They familiarize with technology and adapt to new possibilities.
  5. Flexibility. Being online, the student can learn from anywhere and at any time.


In addition, here you will find some advantages for the supervisor:

  1. Efficiency and adaptation. As we have mentioned before, the contents and activities are adapted to the employee thanks to the fact, that the system collects data. The results of one learner are compared with the thers and the system itself is bing constantly updated. In this way, the supervisor only has to answer to specific needs and can establish them to each individual.
  2. Useful and complete information. The supervisor receives the progress data of his employees in real time so he has time to react to the information and be able to support them.
  3. Saving time. The existence of self-correcting activities is a great time-saver the supervisor, so that they is able to invest more time in interaction with the employees.
  4. Personalization and organization. Adaptive learning systems constantly provide the supervisor with advice and suggestions for orgnizin the team and meetings the team, as the data is updated.


How is adaptive learning reinforced in e-learning?

With the expansion of e-learning in companies, this learning option is greatly enhanced, since the physical existence of the supervisor is not necessary. In this scenario, the manager could be nothing more than a mere support, while the employee is able to work by himself.

Independence of the learners helps the e-learning modality to become stronger, as this is what usually stops people from taking the step. We tend to resort a lot to the manager because we consider them indespensable, but new technologies have made it possible to fulfill certain tasks of the supervisor and increase the independence of the employees.


What role does Digital Latam have?

At Digital Latam we strongly believe that online training brings independence and flexibility to employees. When we talk about online learning possibilities, we are referring to adults who want to continue training while working in a company.

Constant training is very important to keep up to date and do our job well. For this reason, at Digital Latam, we rely on the adaptive learning methodology for its multiple advantages, from flexibility for the employee to access to progress by the superior. Most importantly, we know that every company has their uniqueness of needs and contents. Once a client decides to employ our services, they are thrilled to introduce a completely customized learning experience to their workers. Similarly, all the activities of our online courses have immediate feedback as well as access to information to be able to review the contents at any time. The superior can always check on their employees` progress.

Moreover, we offer a full LMS platform customized for the client`s needs. The platform can include not only learning courses, but also other activities like group chats, forums, additional resources, calendars etc. We are happy to hear from you and to show you how you learning experience can be benefited by us!