Importance of technical skills in companies

In this article you will discover why technical skills are so important for both companies and employees.

Why is it so important to acquire technical skills?

For decades, companies and businesses have been operating with more or less complex computer systems involving many people.

Before, for this reason, technical skills could be summarized in writing, accounting, languages and some basic computer knowledge.

Today, working methods have changed, new technical skills emerged as a result of this change, and companies value them highly when recruiting new employees.

Apart from this, nothing currently prevents employees from learning these new skills, so that internal training should be encouraged. All with the aim of the company evolving and adapting to new emerging needs.

These new skills include all those based on ICT (Information and Communication Technology), which is now a fundamental part of the composition and operation of a company. Among them we find the dealing with software of web positioning, design of web presentations, knowledge about the use of applications of Microsoft, web development and the basics of social networks. We live in an increasingly digital and interconnected world, which is why these new skills become more and more important.

What do these technical skills involve?

Technical skills, also known as hard skills, are those used to perform a specific job. Therefore, they are not required for all jobs within a company. They are learned through education or training, for example the usage of computer programs, writing of reports, company accounting and many other tasks.

These skills are associated with a particular job. Hence, they are what make our employees resilient in their work and allow them to solve problems professionally. This is why the more training and better skills our employees have, the better their work performance will be.

Nowadays, specifically in teleworking, the most valued technical skills are those related to ICTs, information and communication technologies, because needs for internal virtual communication are arising between employees, as well as the introduction of new ways of organisation and improvement in communication networks.

Further technical skills to be considered are language skills, accounting and finance skills or writing skills. In addition, with the boom social networks are experiencing over the last years, it is essential to get training in Google Analytics and SEO positioning, although, again, this is also part of ICT.

Below, we would like to provide examples of the most sought-after hard skills in the market, such as:

– Big data analysis: it is valued that employees are able to collect and interpret data from their customers or the success of their products.

– Project management: means being a good leader, knowing how to delegate and organizse tasks and measure the success of projects.

– Technical writing: required when you need to explain complex ideas in a clear and simple way, also knowing basic concepts of SEO positioning.

How does an employee’s lack of knowledge about technical skills affect the company?

Every individual in a company must build own strategies to achieve targets. It is true that there are always different departments working independently, but overall, they all coordinate with each other. Therefore, it is important that all employees are trained in the new skills, since their lack can cause delays in modernization and consequently the company will fall behind.

We are in a process of continuous change, innovations in ICT are constantly advancing and although companies have made huge progress, one must always remain at the forefront. In this process we will face several difficulties, one of them is the adaptation of workers and their change of mindsets since some might not be willing to change and develop further.

Employees that are open for the change will not be a problem as they are eager to train in technical skills, they may encounter difficulties, but their willing attitude will make it possible.

However, those resisting to change need to be motivated, there are always ways to new approaches for convincing them that training in technical skills can bring them individual benefits. This should be done with specialized professionals, such as coaches, who provide motivational techniques and work with them to help change their mindsets.

Likewise, when recruiting new employees, one must take in account whether candidates are trained in those skills or not. The first benefit is that we can gain an advantage by integrating a new employee who is well trained in work techniques. This is the start to strengthen the upcoming process within the company and to encourage employee training to the rest of the colleagues.

What measures should the company take? What about each individual employee?

Since the future of the company is at stake, employers need to look after the training of their employees. Therefore, one of the measures to be taken is offering employee training. They are already skilled, but with the adaptation to the digital age, they must all readjust to the new needs.

To achieve this, as mentioned above, training your current employees is a good way to make them strong in technical skills. So, we talk about learning to manage new systems or concepts, all related to the specific fields of action of their corresponding departments.

There are also measures employees can take on their own. The first one is to influence the company to make the change by being proactive and becoming a part of it. Also, you should try to keep up with the new ideas that are emerging around you and contribute your own suggestions that can be a benefit for the company. So, in general, good communication and engagement are the key to success.

Here are some quick tips on how to improve your technical skills:

  1. Enrol in training courses or classes such as those offered by DL
  2. Plan a self-learning program, this is possible through technical books and materials
  3. Define your goals – where do you want to go, what do you want to achieve? Setting goals will help you focus your attention and motivation.

What support does Digital Latam offer?

Digital Latam, as an agency specialized in online learning for companies, can give guidance and advice in the process of training employees. It consists of a great team of professionals including pedagogues, instructional designers and educational staff in companies. In addition, we offer tailor-made courses regarding the strengthening of technical skills.

Due to the importance of developing new skills, we offer trainings focused on a practical point of view aimed at improving work performance in companies. We also have professionals who can support the process of digital transformation and help employees with negative mindsets, as it is mentioned above. They will learn motivation techniques to feel more integrated and inspired afterwards.

Furthermore, DL offers online training that is fully adapted and accessible to all. This type of training does not interfere with the working hours of your employees. Everyone can learn at his or her own pace. Inside this integrated training concept, we include the following elements: learning platform, chat, interactive elements and even recreations of real situations. Everything is ready of an enriching training, so that your employees feel how useful it is and, most importantly, that it is applicable to their jobs.

Feel free to contact us and we will discuss your needs in improving technical skills and help you to choose the best strategies to implement them.

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