Our solutions

With a view beyond the horizon, we design our products for digital education and thus respond more specifically to your requirements. Inform yourself on the corresponding website or let us advise you. We put together a suitable package for various contents that offers quick and easy solutions to your own and ready-made e-learning.

Digital solutions adapted to your necessities

Through the digitalization of today’s world and the technological progress that have accompanied it, we have changed the way we communicate with each other and how we receive information.

With our interactive and multifarious e-learning programs and smart games about work security topics, occupational safety and health protection topics become tangible in digital form and enable companies to offer their employees an interactive & flexible form of further training.

From conception to implementation, Work Safety guarantees that interactivity, expertise & fun create a unique user experience.

Accamy is your tool to create your own e-learning in a simple and automated way. Design and create any course completely online. Using templates pre-designed by experts in didactic and graphic designers, you can create all kinds of interactive courses accessible from any device. You can also create quizzes for your students quickly and easily. 

Soft skills are an essential component, alongside theoretical knowledge and education.

Under the brand of CareLeading, we offer numerous e-learning courses on soft skills, management, coaching and team leadership. We offer you courses from a wide range of topics, such as negotiation, emotional intelligence or virtual work, which complement your work in a targeted and valuable way. In short working units, you can quickly assess new knowledge and anchor it. You can already choose from 50 courses, and we are constantly expanding our program with new ones.

Do you want to motivate your employees to learn in a didactically high-quality and exciting way? We offer just that! Our digital escape rooms combine learning fun with training and team-building opportunities, adapted to your needs, to captivate your audience and make learning more interesting and sustainable. Let us advise you on your learning opportunities! With our digital escape rooms, you can select the desired themes and create a serious, innovative and very individual game with different challenges. Four different rooms, each with five challenges, present your topics simply and playfully conveying the learning content.