What are learning nuggets?

Have you heard about Learning Nuggets? Unfortunately, they are not edible, but they can definitely feed your head with knowledge and new skills ūüôā In the article you will learn what Learning Nuggets are, what they can be used for and in what form. We will also give you a brief overview of how Digital Latam uses the nuggets.   What are learning nuggets? Learning nuggets are small units of knowledge that together are part of a larger educational content. They are interconnected as they are part of a single lesson. They are usually short (5 minutes approximately) and the goal is to develop a concept that leads to another, and so on. Some examples are: videos, short quizzes or audio files.¬† ¬† How do we use learning nuggets in education and training? When it comes to teaching new content, it is much better to¬†do it¬†concept by concept, rather than offering a complete lesson at once, for two main reasons:¬†
  1. As human beings cannot maintain their attention for a long time on the same subject (approximately 20 minutes), dividing a module into small parts helps to better assimilate what we are learning. 
  2. It is easily adaptable to all devices, digital or not. This makes them always available and we can access them wherever and whenever we want. 
For these reasons, when building our theoretical modules, we must distribute the content in small blocks.¬†In¬†this way¬†each concept is assimilated¬†separately but¬†interconnected with the others.¬† ¬† How can you help promoting¬†e-learning? When we finish compulsory and post-compulsory education and start working, our learning turns from theoretical to practical, as we learn new things in our jobs. For this reason, when we are faced with a course (for example, soft skills) we like them to be as short and practical as possible.¬† In addition, this learning technique is not only used in traditional education, but we can also attract it to e-learning. In the digital field, the training possibilities are multiplied since information can constantly be updated, accessed from anywhere and be sourced from numerous resources.¬†   How does Digital¬†Latam¬†handle learning nuggets in its programs? As an e-learning¬†resource provider, Digital¬†Latam¬†maintains and uses the most innovative training techniques in the field. For this reason, we are perfectly aware of the existence of¬†learning nuggets and¬†they¬†are¬†present in all our training offers.¬† For example, in our online courses on soft skills, theoretical information is divided into small blocks and much of it is transmitted through dialogues between the characters or dynamically. The storyline is divided into subtopics and and every subtopic has an own set of exercises. In this way, the user acquires the information little by little while chaining the data. Aditionally, short videos or audio recordings are used in order to defferentiate the learning experience and make it even more interesting.¬† Do not forget that we have an expert staff in online training, who will help and advise you on everything you need. They will also manufacture a tailor-made course. In addition, you will have the opportunity to follow the learning of your employees to know which areas are the most difficult to lead.¬† ¬†