How has education been affected by the pandemic?  

The COVID -19 pandemic has affected all sectors of the planet. Although many disciplines have adapted to the online format, we still have a big step to take in terms of education. We still think that e-learning is not effective enough. 

The immediate reaction was to close schools at all levels, including universities. For this reason, we are now experiencing a severe recession in learning, greater inequality and economic crisis, as people will not be prepared enough to work in their fields. Fortunately, the future does not look as dark as it seems, since we live in the digital age, so if resources are distributed equally, education can be continued.  


How does the education sector respond to COVID 19?  

Different companies in the sector have taken advantage of the lockdown situation to invent or promote online teaching tools. In addition, companies in different industries, having their employees work from home, have decided to implement internal online training and have also discovered all its advantages.  

In any case, investments in EdTech already occurred before the start of the pandemic, since in 2019 investments of approximately 19 million dollars were found. From these investments, among others, companies such as BYJU’S or DingTalk were born and strengthened.  

On the other hand, many companies are beginning to consider the internal training of their employees as important and, as it can no longer be done in person, they contact other entities, such as Digital Latam, that are dedicated to providing this training. In addition, the need to especially reinforce the soft skills of employees is becoming more evident so that they can be even more independent but, in turn, must work as a team and remotely.  


Is online learning effective?  

Online learning can be as effective as face-to-face, but if you have the right equipment of course. In fact, it has been shown that students retain between 25-60% more information when they receive online lessons, than if it were in person. And we must not forget that digitization is a fact and people are increasingly prepared to pick up a computer or a mobile instead of a sheet of paper or a pen.  

On the other hand, if we focus more on education within the company, we must bear in mind the free time that our employees have to receive training. It is for this reason that online training only has advantages. Employees can take training courses from anywhere, whether in the office, at home or on their way to work. In addition, we have the opportunity to end up with the monotonous courses. Now we can use technology to create different and entertaining activities that are attractive to our employees and inspire them to change, such as an escape room, dramatized courses with real situations or the user of virtual reality.  


How has COVID-19 favored digital learning?  

The COVID-19 pandemic has favored digital learning for companies in different ways:  

  • To begin with, the need to continue with work and training companies began to seek resources to continue developing. Here e-learning plays an incredibly important role, allowing employees and superiors to develop original activities and learn sometimes even unconsciously. 
  •  Secondly, it allows for timely, individual, and personalized feedback. This occurs because we are not in a room with many people, but we are alone with our computers so we are all connected. Moreover, the superior can see the progress and difficulties of each of the users and can act accordingly. 
  • Thirdly, as we must now combine our personal and professional life in the same space, this learning modality gives us flexibility, since we can do it from anywhere with an internet connection and we save ourselves the effort of deciding how, when and where to do the course. 
  • Furthermore, it is economically and professionally profitable, since it drastically reduces costs, especially if we ourselves can create the courses for our employees according to our needs, instead of looking for a general one. On the other hand, information is constantly updated as learning platforms are updated more quickly in terms of content and study plans.  


What role does Digital Latam play?  

Digital Latam is a company dedicated to online training for companies. We have specialized teaching and technological staff to be able to get the most out of your employees through gamification activities and e-learning 

For example, with our Digital Escape Room, adaptable to any industry, your employees can learn new skills and concepts of their work while having fun to leave a house following clues solving riddles. On the other hand, to ensure continuous and up-to-date training in soft skills, we have the Careleading team, professionals who create courses to reinforce soft skills adapted for you and your team.