How do we develop e-learning courses?

Have you ever thought about digitalizing the continuous learning of your employees? Do you want flexibility and convenience while monitoring the progress of your employees? Do you prefer dynamic, entertaining and interactive learning? E-Learning is exactly what you are looking for. Let’s talk about the e-learning development process.

What is the e-learning development process?

The digital learning process, known as e-learning, is a process that has become very fashionable lately, mostly due to the convenience and flexibility it offers. Learning is being transferred from books and classrooms to online platforms. The learner can experience independence, entertainment and interaction while embracing knowledge. Along the way, contact with the supervisor is not lost as both parties are in constant communication.

E-Learning tools can include visualization in form of animated videos, interactive games and exercises, audio instructions and various text layouts. The possibilities are endless.


How is the e-learning development process managed at Digital Latam?

At Digital Latam, we are professionals in the field of e-learning. Therefore, we owe ourselves to our clients and their needs. Below you will find main steps we take while developing an online learning tool:

  1. Once we get to know the client and their needs, we create a design sketch and general layout. Here we decide on logos, colours, general design etc. Among several possibilities, the client chooses the one they consider most appropriate.
  2. Afterwards, we move on to the learning content and course insights. Each client is different and therefore seeks to achieve different results. For this reason, we need to know what type of course, activities, scenarios or challenges to include in order to get the most out of the experience. For example, we offer interactive online courses similar to our Careleading course line or digital escape rooms. We are also open for complete customization.
  3. Once we (together with the client) decide on the looks and general structure, we develop a storyboard based on client`s content together with all the interactions, images, transitions, animations. This storyboard is sent to the client for approval.
  4. Finally, once our vision of the course is confirmed by the client, we get to work on its technical development with professionals. At all times, we are in contact with the client to ensure that the project meets their expectations.
  5. Finally, all that remains is for the client to see, review the course and give us their feedback, which we implement according to their wishes.

At all times, we have professionals in the required field, as well as project managers who will answer all questions and doubts along the way.


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