Digital Onboarding: Success factors for setting up your team

How and in which areas E-learning can support

Does your company adapt or die?

We see the continuous change happening around us and we ask ourselves how we should face it, as a company this is a fundamental question: Do you adapt or do you stay out of the market?

That is why we have to keep at the forefront, but always optimizing our resources, which is why we will start by discovering the tools we have to make our company successful in the field, so today we will speak about business digitalization.

Why is digital incorporation important?

Throughout the last decades, a great number of new concepts related to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have emerged around us, such as the cloud, e-learning or big data, and so on. Since it does not stop advancing continuously, leaving the digital world we know today evolving at its own pace.

The impact that this change has had on the business network, in terms of the tools available to them – we are moving from analogue to digital – has had an effect on the innovation of new business models.

That is why the digitalization of companies does not correspond as a possibility in the business plan, but rather as the only solution to adapt the company to the present and future.

And like everything else, this must start from the beginning, offering our future employees an incorporation to the company in a digital way, assures us to fulfill the expectations.

And what exactly does the digital incorporation to the company mean?

Easy, it is to adapt all those strategies that we used for the adaptation and training of the new employee, to the technological solutions, and among the new technical concepts, we can highlight the implementation of e-learning in all its possibilities.

When we speak about e-Learning we refer to the teaching ecosystem that uses ICT to carry out a training or learning, so we reach a virtual teaching.

The most outstanding advantages of e-learning are: active learning, the flexibility allowed and the digital competences it provides.

At this point we can only analyze the processes in which to implement new technologies, to give the necessary impetus to our company and that it lasts over time.

What areas of your company will benefit from digital incorporation? What is its impact?

To answer this question we must first understand that the scope of digital incorporation is so broad that all areas that make up a company will benefit from its implementation.

Even so, we reveal you the 3 factors that go unnoticed, but will make the digital incorporation with e-learnig the perfect solution to adapt your company’s new employees to the present and future:

  1. Transmission of values
  2. Accumulation of talent
  3. Constant innovation


Transmission of values

One of the benefits that we can highlight from Digital Onboarding is about the values factor. Since the last decade, special importance is being given to corporate values, that is, those concepts or ideas that we want to relate to our business.

This becomes the image that our company projects, so taking into account that our employees are a basic piece of our reputation, we must take special care in the way we transmit our values to them.

At this point we can emphasize the importance of an adequate welcoming plan for new employees, because we all know the importance of first impressions. Offering this welcoming process through e-learning will help us to reach and exceed the expectations of the new member of the company on his first day.

For all this, with solutions such as e-learning, we ensure that we transmit our mission, value and vision in the most active way possible, exemplifying with real lived situations, offering information pills such as rapid-learning or more playful options such as gamification, we go from making face-to-face presentations in which the employees are mere passive agents to committing them in an active way from the minute zero.

Accumulation of talent

In light of the relationship between the trained employee and the company, we must recognise the current value of human capital, which is an irreplaceable factor in economic growth, competitiveness and development.

From the economic perspective, it allows us to qualify human attitudes and skills as valuable assets for our balance sheet, which in itself is an incentive to offer training to our employees, and we also avoid the need to demand labour from the market on a continuous basis.

From the perspective of internal processes, having competent and motivated workers, promotes stable environments in human resources, allowing us to focus on other aspects of our business.

Constant innovation

As we have already said, innovation has become a necessity in companies to be able to adapt to the current market, and as a general rule, those who carry it out ensure their existence, as well as intensifying their productivity.

It is here where the digital incorporation by means of e-learning plays a fundamental role since it allows us to offer our employees an online adaptation to guide their new knowledge about our company, this generates benefits in two aspects.

The first is that this type of training is much more affordable and personalized than traditional classroom training, since we can focus on learning the needs of our company and adapt it to our business vision, we shorten the teaching time because we will be able to transmit our own dynamics more efficiently.

The second of the aspects to emphasize relapses in the motivation of the worker who sees himself integrated with his new work position being able to develop in a more agile and dynamic way, this way we obtain a reciprocal growth between worker and company.

In this digitalization process, once we know its importance and benefits, we only have to ask ourselves the following question.

What steps should a company take to efficiently achieve digital incorporation?

Although for each company this process must be transited in a particular way to its own characteristics, there are fundamental factors that must be taken into account, we list them below.

To give oneself to new technologies


This point is essential, since even today we find a large portion of the business network stagnant in processes established in an analogical way, but not adapted to the current work tools, so they are destined to die, as a company in progress we must leave our comfort zone to ensure growth.

That is why it is important to provide digital incorporation, the new worker can become familiar with the trajectory and business development, thus forming an internal instrument of welcome.

Encourage training in ICTs in employees and managers

As we have been saying about human capital, as an irreplaceable factor of economic growth, competitiveness and development, the implementation of technologies in our business must succeed to the same extent as the training of our employees, training the trainers of our future workers in ICTs turns out to be a safe bet.

The fact that the trainers offer digital welcomes gives us as a company the possibility to generate better working environments, on the one hand, the technicalities are exposed in e-learning while the times destined to classroom adaptation are facilitators to raise relationships between workers more accessible that allow empathizing and knowing other soft skills among the new ones.

Design strategies with digital vision

It is essential from the moment we decide to digitize the welcome to surround ourselves with the tools, but above all with professionals who are the spearhead to define this strategy, thus creating the perfect synergy between technologies and the human factor.

In conclusion

Decisions that advocate digital incorporation in our business are a sure result of prospering in this new society that creates wealth through knowledge.

That is why Digital Latam, an agency specialized in digital learning and an expert in business training, encourages you to carry out this process in your company. The fact that you want to implement a Digital Onboarding technique to receive your new employees is a direct consequence of using current technologies and innovative educational systems, all without neglecting effective communication.

So the cocktail of inputs needed to carry out this process will only be effective if accompanied by great creativity during development, which is why we stand as an e-learning agency, utilities such as gamification and explanatory videos.

With these tools, we manage to transmit the information in a personalized way to the needs of your company, in an effective way we manage to capture the attention of your future employees without falling into old mistakes of the training that was too generalized.

Moreover, with the use of gamification and videos, we transformed the training into a new useful, motivating, stimulating concept of social relations – due to the challenge factor – and even fun. Likewise, it is a tool to generate soft skills when executing the appropriate objectives set for future training.

Without further ado, Digital Latam offers you our knowledge of years of experience to carry out digital incorporation. We support you not only in dealing with the digital preparation of technical concepts but also in effectively transmitting corporate culture and its values.

This will allow you to eradicate the nervousness and insecurity of the new incorporation, and in a short time, you will be working as a veteran. You will be advised by our experts, in order to reach the maximum potential in your courses, starting from establishing the objectives to their final development, based on our experience in the areas of e-learning, interaction, gamification, pedagogy, as well as coaching and preparation of teams for personal development.

Don’t hesitate in the benefits that Digital Onboarding will provide you and in the support that Digital Latam will give you in this process, we offer you the essential links for successful digital incorporation.

Contact us now and let’s talk about what your challenges are and how we can take the first step together.

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