Digital onboarding for new competitors

Do you know the insecurity of new employees before they even get started?

Questions like: Have I chosen the right company? Who and what can I expect? How quickly can I assume responsibility? What will the corporate culture be like? What do all the abbreviations mean… and much more…

The topics are varied and yet always similar for every “newcomer”. A digital Welcome-Onboarding-Elearning tailored to your company will make the first hours and days easier for your newcomers, solve many questions themselves and support a fast integration process, which will trigger high motivation and identification.

Digital Latam helps you to develop standardized yet lively, attractive and knowledge-rich e-learning content that your new employees will look forward to their new responsibilities with great anticipation.

Often these are topics such as:

  • Corporate culture & special features
  • Specific terminology
  • Product and internal process training,
  • Safety at work,
  • Data protection,
  • Compliance
  • or other…

which are a “must” and at the same time can be communicated with a lot of fun and interactivity.

Within a very short time he/she will be able to “join in”, ask concrete questions and thus build up a lot of knowledge about your company.

This saves you a lot of time and allows you to concentrate on the individual topics in personal onboarding.

Our expertise is diverse.

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