Digital Escape Room – an innovative Serious Game

We are thrilled to introduce our newest, most innovative and wanted product – the Digital Escape Room. It is a Serious Game, that will educate and motivate your employees using entertainment and interactivity.

The rules of the game are very easy: the user is trapped in a room and they can only escape, once they`ve solved all the riddles that await inside. After solving the challenges in one area, they can continue the journey in another room. Within the exciting storyline, several environments with different themes await you and your colleagues.


Why is the Digital Escape Room such a great opportunity for your company?


  • Instead of hours of training, anyone can take and schedule the time that they need for their personal need in order to play the game successfully and to understand the learning content.
  • You do not need an additional appointment for a training.
  • You know exactly how much time is necessary for the successful completion of a game.



  • We offer a white label solution – the whole content is adapted to the needs of your company. You give us the content, we turn it into riddles and challenges for you employees
  • The rooms and environment of the game are designed according to your request
  • The number, kind and timeset of riddles is up to you – we discuss what you need and consult you with our ideas
  • Whether you manage a sport team, hotel staff, track drivers or whatever other group– the solution will be adapted to your needs and requests.



  • Through an interactive and unique learning experience, your employees will be more motivated and ready for the journey that you choose for them.
  • Whether you run a large, medium or small business – every employee will have the same opportunity to continuing education and the training will be assessed equally.


We are excited to hear about your ideas and can`t wait to get in contact with you!