Digital Culture: how Coronavirus can be a good opportunity to become more digital

Why is it so important to digitalize companies?

For a few years now, and especially since the state of alarm over the global pandemic was declared, many companies have focused on the good of their workers and there has been a major change in mentality. It has been decided to promote more teleworking, i.e. working from home.

This mode of working has already been implemented for quite some time in some companies, especially the largest ones, where certain workers are not essential in the office every day.

With the spread of this virus worldwide, it has been necessary to make work adaptable so that companies can continue to carry out their activities from home due to the uncertainty of when they can return to the office.

For this reason, this is the perfect occasion to take a step forward in innovation and start digitizing your company. You have everything in your favor: workers at home, sufficient IT resources and digital platforms for all tastes and that suit your needs.


What is digitalization all about?

Digitizing means, strictly speaking, transforming documents on paper into another type of support so that they can be identified by a computer. Something similar happens with companies. Scanning a company consists of reorganizing all business processes using technology. We are not only talking about the mere fact of installing computers, or programs to speed up the processes, but also educating the employees to be able to perform in the digitalization of processes.

But before all this, one must have a professional team of digitalization, which allows to carry out this process, without losing sight of the goal, i.e. the customer as a priority. It is therefore essential to understand the process in order to carry out the necessary internal changes, without this task becoming unattainable and putting you at risk of weakening the rest of your company’s internal systems.


What impact will this process have on the company?

The company can benefit in many ways in the short and long term.

Firstly, in the short term because, in crisis situations, you can continue to maintain activity. For example, in the case of the current pandemic, through the digitalization of the company, you can keep yourself in business by having the option of teleworking, your employees can continue to operate from the comfort of their homes and the company can continue to operate in times of uncertainty in the market, which is already a great achievement.

On the other hand, in the long term it means a reduction in costs for the company. Since you have certain employees working from home, you are able to reduce the space needed for the office and therefore the local costs will be reduced.

Meanwhile, the digitalization of processes gives agility to the company, since the procedures can be done faster, from the point of view of the transactions with the client it speeds up the actions on not having the need to move in all the occasions to the company, carrying out the delivery of documentation in an electronic way and accrediting veracity by means of the digital signature. The set of these actions also allows you to save on physical materials, contributing to the environment, in addition to the most precious of your company’s assets, the time of action, the more agile and efficient you manage to be, the more attractive youe will be in the market.

Other benefits that we can find when making this important decision are the increase of productivity, improvements in the satisfaction of the workers since they can be more productive and efficient, and what is very important nowadays: new business opportunities. In a world in constant change, we must be ahead of others and the digital world offers new opportunities every day, such as the example of expanding our market, going from a local market to an international one by carrying out digitalization processes in our sales strategy.


How can the company manage this process?

Organize and follow up on virtual meetings. Integrate digital culture.

The digitalization process cannot be done alone, we need leaders and staff who are experts in this field and who make the change as comfortable as possible. We are talking about the director of information systems, technology, social responsibility and marketing for social networks.

In addition to these positions, the leaders must ensure that the face-to-face combination is balanced and does not pose a problem for the development of the company. Moreover, as this is a new way of working, it is the company’s responsibility to train and integrate the workers. For this reason, appropriate training must be provided in which employees are taught the advantages and ways of acting in this new era that our company is about to enter.


What services does DL offer to realize this?

Digital Latam is a company specialized in digital media for other companies. Therefore, we can provide support and means to implement this new modality in your company. The digitalization process takes time, especially the adaptation of your workers.

In the case of Digital Latam, we help you digitize your company by following three steps:

  • Equipment diagnosis. Before setting objectives, it is essential to make a 360º recognition of the team we must work with. The aim of this is to understand how the staff works in the different areas, since the connections between people are the ones that usually cause problems when it comes to readjusting to the new way of working.
  • Coaching and Team Development. Once we have found out where the problem is, we have to solve it by setting concrete and achievable goals. And who should take the reins are the team leaders, so the preparation of these is the first step we must follow. That is why we teach leaders and teams to face an increasingly uncertain and competitive future in the digital world.
  • Finally, the training and preparation for managers and employees, through online courses that allow a teaching towards these new digital concepts in an agile and dynamic way, even being able to make an adaptation of the content of these courses to their students or to the preferences of the company. These are complete courses that include interactive tips, tools and processes.

With our team of professional coaches and E-learning experts, this change will be made in the shortest time possible, always being advised and oriented to achieve your companys’ objectives. What would you like to start with?

Get in touch with us, tell us your doubts to reach the digitalization and let’s draw together a plan for your company, we will be happy to support you in bringing your business to the next level.

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