How will your company benefit from E-learning?

In recent years, the e-learning tools have become increasingly popular within companies, with the aim of providing employees with individual training tailored to their needs. The effectiveness of the method clearly depends on the type of course that the company chooses to make available to its employees.  

First of all, it is necessary to understand, what the objectives of the course are. Also, e-learning, being part of the ICT (Information Communication Technology) sector, requires companies to have technological resources available and to make sure that every employee has easy access to these courses. Some of the courses may be simply supplementary, i.e. they introduce basic knowledge of one’s duties or company restrictions, while others may present a real training course aimed at forming new working skills.  

Online-learning system is not so different from the traditional one, as there is always an interaction between a “teacher” (programs and software) and “student”, in this case, the employees who want to specialize at best within their workplace. 


So how can E-learning be beneficial for your company?

At the basis of an e-learning course we see the need to respect the hours available to employees who want to undertake training according to their own work rhythms. In addition, there are many other advantages that go in this direction: as mentioned in the previous article, ”What is E-learning?”, there is the possibility for the user to choose their own learning time and pace, the learner is being evaluated accordingly to their knowledge on the topic. The progress of an employee can be then very easily evaluated by the employer or team manager.  

Another advantage is the customisation for each type of competence to be acquired. Our e-learning courses are custom made for companies that want to implement and forward knowledge to their employees, according to their mission and perspective in the work field.  

Moreover, interactivity is the best way to catch one`s attention on any topic. We offer a variety of different kinds of exercises. That ensures, that the learner will not get distracted from the topic and will have to actively take part in the learning process. We have really understood, that learning by playing is not just for children, and the learning path does not end at school education.  

To sum up, there are numerous benefits for your company: first of all, your employees get an excellent training at the workplace, without spending extra money and time (cost of coaches, employee travel, etc.). Secondly, there is an implementation of the acquired skills within the company for each trained employee. Our learning experience is very personal and interactive, which makes the learner even more involved in the process. The manager can evaluate the learning path of each individual according to their results. Last but not least, it is a convenient alternative for all employees involved, giving them the opportunity to organise their study hours in the best possible way. 


What is Digital Latam`s role in this?   

The courses developed by our company are well structured and clarified thanks to our 2D and 3D graphics and our presentations. We pay a lot of attention to every detail concerning the course and to every learning objective according to the needs of our clients. 


Digital Latam Service
We are there for our clients to cutomize e-learning program and design it on the basis of their wishes. We also offer soundtracks, video sequences with actors and a various set of exercises.

Under this brand name, we offer e-learning courses on soft skillsmanaging, coaching and team leading. 

Vitrual Work
The Virtual Work Project is a line of online courses , that focus specifially on working from home. We give advice on proper virtual communicationhow to keep team spirit since team members canot see aech other, how to keep track  on results as a manager and many many more. The special aspects of these courses are not only numerous interactive, problem -solving exercises but also interesting tipps and tricks at the end of every course that, once implied in your home office , have a very positive influence on your daily life.  

Work Safety
This segnificant new product consist of over 200 e-learning courses and Smart Games, that specifically focus on work safetyhealth care and heath managament in the working environment. This model has been on the spanich market for years and it turned out to be astonishingly successfulThis is an innovative form of educating organisations and their workers in a digital form.

Each course is divided into sections in which topics are explained clearly and efficiently thanks to examples, videos and graphics. Moreover, for each section quizzes and step-by-step tests are proposed to allow employees to interact with the course, reviewing the topics and testing what they have acquired.   


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