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e learning development process

How do we develop e-learning courses?

Have you ever thought about digitalizing the continuous learning of your employees? Do you want flexibility and convenience while monitoring the progress of your employees? Do you prefer dynamic, entertaining and interactive learning? E-Learning is exactly what you are looking for. Let’s talk about the e-learning development process. What is the e-learning development process? The …

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Independent and Self-Directed Learning

What is self-directed learning? How can technilogy influence our new learning habits?  Learning in an independent way may be challenging for all of us since we are used to having the support of a teacher or coach who guides us. Fortunately, technology has given us different tools to learn on our own. This is what …

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What is adaptive learning?

What is adaptive learning? Who is adaptive learning for? Adaptive learning is an innovative technique for providing personalized and effective education, by which computer technology is used. Adaptive learning systems use a data-driven approach to adjust the path and pace of learning, enabling personalized learning at scale. This innovative learning method can be targeted at …

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How has education been affected by the pandemic?  

The COVID -19 pandemic has affected all sectors of the planet. Although many disciplines have adapted to the online format, we still have a big step to take in terms of education. We still think that e-learning is not effective enough.  The immediate reaction was to close schools at all levels, including universities. For this reason, we …

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Digital Escape Room – ein innovatives Serious Game

Wir freuen uns, unser neuestes, innovativstes und begehrtestes Produkt vorzustellen – den Digital Escape Room. Es handelt sich um ein Serious Game, das Ihre Mitarbeiter durch Unterhaltung und Interaktivität schulen und motivieren wird. Die Spielregeln sind sehr einfach: Der Benutzer ist in einem Raum gefangen und kann erst dann entkommen, wenn er alle Rätsel gelöst …

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Instructional design – what is behind it and what makes it so important?

What is a pedagogical concept or instructional design? Instructional design is a fundamental step in the holistic education process. It is mainly about creating materials or activities according to the learners needs. These needs are physical, digital and electronic. However, we are not just talking about creating materials, but much more about adapting the subject …

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What is E-Learning

What is E-Learning?

E-learning, also called online learning or interactive learning, is the acquisition and study of knowledge that takes place through technologies and electronic media. In simple language, e-learning is defined as an active electronic learning. In general, e-learning takes place via the Internet, where users can access their online learning materials at any time and place. …

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