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We are a team of e-learning and coaching professionals who always want to innovate and create the most efficient learning experience for their clients. We offer several e-learning products, from micro-courses to more fresh and unique experiences.
Our 8 years of experience and continuous effort to look at the future have made us pioneers on new concepts like digital educational escape rooms, one of the most attractive and effective digital learning experiences of our times.

Why us?


Years of experience of work in the e-learning and coaching areas


E-learning solutions developed, from online micro-courses to digital escape rooms


Countries we have worked for. Our products have been translated to +5 different languages


Happy users from more than 350 satisfied customers

Our solutions


We advise you in all kinds of areas of coaching and training. No matter the challenge, we will find a suitable solution for your training success.


Develop your digital training solution for your employees or client base according to your design and topic.


Through Gamification, we create the possibility to enhance the motivation and engagement of learners with game-design principles. 


Videos offer a broader range to provide different learning tools to each learning type.  In this way, complex topics get visual and are easier to understand.


Are you searching for a way to organize, manage and track online training? We can help you find the perfect solution according to your corporate learning strategy.

Clients who trust us

About us

Digital Latam is a creative international team that works across different locations in Europe and other parts of the world.

How to make E-Learning successful? It is always about three components: head, hand, heart. How do I use the head, i.e. how much do I let the learners think within the e-learning? How do I use the hand, i.e. "haptic" elements such as drag & drop? And how do I integrate the heart, i.e. emotions? How can I also reflect the emotional component in some form via e-learning? These three components need to be combined in such a way that something interactive is created that motivates the learners to take a closer look at the respective topic.


e learning development process
Remote working
Anna Bodyl

How do we develop e-learning courses?

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self care in home office
Remote working
Anna Bodyl

Self Care in Home Office

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